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Is there any hope for the recovery of the U.S. dollar? If not, what will happen ?

              -- -Jack W., Nov 2004

ANSWER: Hope is based upon faith, and faith is based upon confidence and substance, at least in the financial world.

Today's dollar, devoid of any substance, is purely symbolic of the American dream. Sadly, U.S. dreamers are no longer working hard and saving, but instead, spending and borrowing.

The U.S. debt limit must soon be extended from $7 Trillion to infinity, or else the "strong dollar" era must soon end.

The dollar today faces two major foes in the near term; The Euro and Gold -- both of which benefit from the dollar's demise, but Gold alone is the ultimate form of money.

When confidence in the U.S. dollar finally does collapse, we will experience the deepest recession in decades, along with runaway cost of living increases (inflation) which will turn millions of American dreamers from princes into paupers... unless they have converted some symbolic money (dollars) into substantive money (gold).

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